The rule of 3 - hoodies, dresses & trainers. As we transition to everyday life, the excitement and the unfamiliarity of dressing up come hand in hand. Loungewear has become our universal dress code, and our familiarity with snug embraces of hoodies has been an affection we are not yet ready to depart. Hence holding reasoning for the contemporary shift of hoodie-wearing, The garment pairing's spearheaders and fashion pioneer brands displayed that hoodies and dresses were a combination we never recognised we desired till now. The four fashion capitals set this look in motion through digital fashion week runways displaying the luxe statement we are dying to take inspiration from. 
Trainers are not the only pieces we believe form a hamonious accomplice to dresses. Still, the renewed appreciation for hoodies has triggered us to consider the matrimony of both comfort and statement dressing. What conveys this unity better than the oxymoronic pairing of a hoodie and a dress.
We believe things go better in pairs. Therefore we have picked hoodies that we think perfectly complement our dresses—offering you a fusion of relaxation and glamour, providing you with a subtle, relaxed and elegant look that blends the best of both worlds.

This choice of combination is for those struggling to part from the marshmallow comfort of hoodies but still, wish to integrate that glamour that has been absent from the fashion glossary for so long. Because who wishes to endure sky-high heels or frostbite when you can have a class with comfort?
With walks, picnics and sunset watching set to be the prime activities of the upcoming months, we believe the pairing of hoodies and dresses has never been so fitting. At Sarvin, we have a penchant for sustainability, and we believe in crafting garments that hold versatility for every occasion.
  1. Sarvin SIMA dress
  2. Alexander McQueen Cropped Knit Jumper 
  3. Longchamp Le Pliage backpack. 
  4. Alexander McQueen Cropped Knit Jumper
  5. Veja campo textured-leather sneakers


The dress once was a piece worn fundamentally with heels. It has modernised to be a transformative power of fashion, designed to empower women who control their own stories. If this year has taught us a notion, it would be that dresses work to curate a perfect formula with trainers as much as it does with its timeless companion, high heels. The desire for comfort to be integrated into every mode of occasion dressing, from daytime wear to evening attire, is a shift we are delighted to adopt at Sarvin. We believe dresses are made to play, impress, lounge and conquer.
  1. Sarvin MOSS dress
  2. Off-White striped-sleeves bomber jacket
  3. Air Jordan 1 low noble red
  4. Prada logo small leather bowling bag
  5. Balenciaga logo-print cotton-jersey hoody
March 01, 2021 — Press Sarvin

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