Sarvin Mother's Day Celebration 2021

How to make your mum feel extra special with Sarvin pieces this mother's day?
At Sarvin, we believe it is essential to continually remind our mothers how much they are loved and valued. Deciding on that special gift is a great way to do this; however, you may also be looking for the perfect way to spend time with your mother's this Sunday. Experiencing things together will allow you both to bond as you communicate; spending time on the little things in life can bring so much joy to those you value the most. We have put together our ideas on activities to do with your mum during the lockdown and which Sarvin pieces will make these activities that little bit more special. 





Flower foraging

A great way to get creative with your mum is to make beautiful wildflower bouquets from your foraging. This is a sustainable alternative to purchasing flowers as there are no harmful chemicals or long polluting journeys involved.

Go out together early in the morning, when the flowers are most hydrated. Bring a cooling bucket of cold water to place your picked flowers into. When the flowers are picked, give each stem a clean cut to ensure you do not damage the plants. Tie together your handpicked mixture of wildflowers to create your bouquet.

Foraging provides an opportunity to connect within a vibrant floral setting. Getting fresh air during the pandemic is vital for you and your mother's mental health; therefore, wildflower arranging is a fun Mother's Day trip that will lift both your moods.


Pamper Day

On Mother's Day, treat your mum to the pampering she deserves. Dig out all the ointments, face masks, lotions and potions you have. Use these to have a home spa day. Taking time to relax will provide a day of reflection and calmness, a much-needed distraction from all the worrying thoughts circulating during the current lockdown. Having a pamper together will help you both forget about all the stress and focus on positive thoughts.

A mini-break in a day is needed now and then to remind your mother how important she is.




During the lockdown, we have started to reminisce more about the time spent with our family. Scrapbooking old photographs with your mother will leave you both conversing endlessly about days gone by. So, on Mother's Day, perhaps uncover your old family photos and arrange them into a scrapbook together. You can both add your own annotations to each photograph, sharing how you remember the key moments. Doing this will leave you with a treasured item containing all your memories together—something physical to represent the never-ending bond you and your mother have shared throughout life.
Cooking and baking

Cooking or baking something for your mother is a great way to show how much you appreciate everything she does. Cooking a delicious Italian meal accompanied by champagne for the both of you will be extra special as it has been wonderfully handmade with love. The Sarvin team have found the most authentic Italian carbonara recipe.  Chefs Kiss! 

If you prefer baking, we suggest preparing a traditional afternoon tea with a variety of finger sandwiches, scones and adorable small cakes such as eclairs and lemon drizzle slices.
Our favourite two recipes for cream tea are for Banana Custard Eclairs  & Lemon Drizzle SlicesAccompany with earl grey tea for a sophisticated Mother's Day brunch.

If you want to go all out, invest in a luxury cake stand and patterned napkins. This makes for the perfect escapism from the pandemic.





The Natalie Dress
Gift mum the Natalie dress – an exquisite mid-length gown; cinched in at the waist to provide a flattering fit. Natalie boasts a combination of black mesh fabric overlaid by a unique floral sequin embroidery pattern. Natalie delivers the ideal outfit for your mother's pamper day, guaranteed to make her feel her best.


 The Amber dress
 Gift her the Amber dress - the ultimate statement piece for mother's day. Put it with her favourite pair of stilettoes for an effortless look that evokes a Spring feel. AMBER reflects the sunshine we all need with its flattering wrap tie waist and light maxiskirt enabling constant movement.


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