Quiet Sophistication - At Sarvin, we believe in fabricating garments that offer longevity, quality and delicacy. Through minimal silhouettes, we convey transcendence in simplicity and refinement. We perceive the female form as a work of art. Therefore we strive to curate pieces that celebrate female features and enhance natural beauty. 


Sarvin ivory twisted straps maxi slip dress



Through innovative craftsmanship, beautifully handcrafted material and remarkable design, we unify delicate practices to coin a piece worthy of the female silhouette. In light of the Macro trend, Conscious Clarity, proposed by WGSN. Limitarianism is on the trend horizon. Their forecasters expect consumer priorities around wellness, comfort, protection and limitarianism to continue to amplify well into 2021. Consumers seek seasonless forever pieces that are rich in quality and value. Hence, Sarvin pieces fall delicately into this category. 




Quiet Sophistication alludes to an interplay of powerful garments with subtle designs. The oxymoronic notion presents us with a perspective on fashion like no other. As consumers search for a middle ground between statement and minimal garments, Quiet Sophistication's shift fills this fashion void. Simplicity is becoming more valued than ever; following the notion devised by our sustainable beliefs, purity is the keynote of all elegance.





This idea is defined in Sarvin's Rosie dress. Rosie is the perfect illustration of celestial elegance. Rendered from white silk-blend satin, the draped neckline affix by twined straps allows a frame for a backless moment. This sleek silhouette offers modern femininity through its unexpected play of cuts. It's Rosie's daring side split balances with a modest neckline that ensures the utmost Sophistication.




"Approaching each season, we look to our six muses; the fashion pioneer, the warrior, the free spirit, the curator, the romantic and the purist," states Natalie Kingham, buying director at MatchesFashion "The Purist opts for a minimalist style with a sleek, functional edge, and this season we noticed a new mood for clean, monochromatic elegance on the runway. This back-to-basics approach to wardrobing reinforces the pieces that matter—the clean, everyday staple items that become the building blocks for the ultimate wardrobe."

With this drift set in motion, the emphasis on simplicity and quiet statements have resurfaced, and here at Sarvin, we embraced this craze with open arms.



simplicity is the keynote of all elegance






We also have Rosie in a gleaming emerald..

Catching the light with every step, the iridescent Emerald silk satin construction is accompanied by a daring slit that makes a nod to both minimalism and glamour.








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