Continuing with our Sustainability Series, in this instalment, we will be exploring Considered Materials and Processes. At Sarvin, we deeply believe that luxury fashion should be sustainably and economically responsible, which is why we make it our mission to find the very best manufacturing processes and materials that have a gentle impact on the planet.


For our latest collection, the Eco-Friendly collection, we searched high and low for the best silk-like feel fabric that did not compromise our mission of producing an entirely ethically and sustainably conscious line. The result was a fabric that was made from recycled cotton linters which is a waste product from the textile industry.


We partnered with a textile company based in Turkey, as the technology utilized to create the fabric is not yet readily available in the UK. The process used to produce the fibre is a 'closed-loop', which means the chemicals used can be extracted after and reused. The fabric is known for its silk-like properties - it is incredibly soft with a beautiful fluid-like drape and provides temperature control, the material is also fully labelled as vegan. You can find out more about our vegan fabric in the next post, Animal Welfare.


We are continuously looking for innovative and considered processes and fabrics which align with our core values. The brand takes pride in being one of the first independent British luxury brands to be at the forefront of the sustainable fashion revolution, and we are paving the way for independent businesses alike.


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