For Sarvin, creating a fair planet means making sure that our actions as a fashion business are fair on all living beings, not just humans. It is important as a luxury designer and an independent business that Sarvin continues to pioneer the way for the fashion industry in creating a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion, and this means finding ways that we can ensure our impact on the world's animals and wildlife is as minimal as possible.


For our latest collection, the Eco-Friendly collection, we were looking for an innovative fabric with a silk-like feel and drape which had a very minimal impact on the earth. We worked with a fabric supplier based in Turkey who produced our recycled fibre Cupro fabric, they are the first V-labelled textile producer in the world. The European Vegetarian Union certifies the yarns of our Cupro fabric to correspond with the guidelines of the European Vegetarian Label and categorized in the Vegan V-Label, meaning no animal products were used in the creation of our Eco-Friendly collection.  The resulting fabric feels and behaves just like silk, without the use of silkworms for the fibre, our Cupro is luxurious with a stunning drape.


For the future of Sarvin, and for the fashion industry, we believe that sourcing fabrics and processes that consider animal welfare is just as important as our other core values. And so, as we continue to grow as a brand we will continue to search for innovative fabrics and processes that work best for the brand that also has a minimal impact on the animal world.

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