For the last 10 weeks, along with the entire UK, we have been in lockdown.  We can all agree that it has been a period of confusion and uncertainty as members of the community for our families and us, but also a period of reflection and regrouping from a small business perspective.

During this time, the Sarvin team have taken the opportunity to consider the space we take up in the fashion industry and how we impact the planet and the community around us.

Initially, we realise that life as we know it has changed forever, and with this, we have had to think carefully about adapting with the times and adjusting how we run daily operations to ensure the future of the Sarvin brand.



Staying Safe

We currently are following the Government Health and Safety guidelines in regards to social distancing and self-isolation by having all members of the Sarvin team work remotely from home. When we do eventually leave lockdown, our main priority would be ensuring that our workspace is safe for our team to return to. As some lockdown restrictions are lifted, we are following the updates extensively and are now beginning to think about how we can reopen our office and studio for business. This will consist of installing the appropriate safeguards and educating the team on the best practices to stay safe from infection, which may include 2-metre working spaces and limiting contact time, or working from home where necessary.


Kickstarting Local Economies

In our downtime in lockdown, we have realised that the backbone of our community is the small businesses and independent services that keep society running, and local economies blooming.

Post lockdown, we pledge to support our community by shopping for goods locally from small independent businesses. Not only are you helping the economy start to recover, but you are also supporting the business owners and their families within your community.


Encouraging more considered consumption

If you read our 'Sustainability Series', you will have found out that Sarvin is already established as a sustainable and ethically sound brand, also known as a 'slow-fashion' brand. Coming out of the current crisis, we want to actively encourage a more considered approach to fashion consumption.

If the lockdown in the UK has taught us anything, it is that frivolous spending on non-essential goods could be a thing of the past. We are hoping that this has changed the attitudes of a lot of people and that a 'buy less, wear more' attitude has been adopted by many.

You can start by investing in high-quality materials and sustainable resources that have a low impact on the planet and designing versatile, wearable fashion that is long-lasting and durable. By encouraging considered consumption of fashion, we are also supporting consumers to buy locally and from small businesses that will help kickstart local economies post lockdown.


Last but not least - Keeping Positive

We don't know what is going to happen in the future, and we don't know how the coronavirus crisis is going to impact our lives in the longterm. However,  we are positive that the fashion industry can bounce back from this crisis.

We are positive that the public will reevaluate their current lifestyles and be more considerate and thoughtful consumers.

The crisis has left the Sarvin team to start thinking about how, as individuals, they can make minor changes in their attitude to the consumption of fashion that will help in reducing our impact on the planet and people.


However, we are always keeping our eyes open on the best ways to reduce waste and be less impactful to our environment, you can read more about that [here]

We believe that we are in this together, so please share with us your thoughts and opinion, we love to hear from you all!

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