What is your morning routine?

I have been starting later than usual, listening to my body and not putting pressure on myself. I'll have breakfast, which is usually toast and some fruit with a cup of tea (it HAS to be Yorkshire Tea!). I then do a 30-minute yoga session which really sets me in a positive mindset. I have a shower and get dressed; then I am ready for the day ahead!


How are you staying motivated?

Since lockdown, I have been approaching my workload with a 'little and often' kind of attitude. I usually only work part-time with Sarvin and have been furloughed from my other part-time job as a bartender, and so I have a lot of time on my hands. I've found that spreading my tasks out into bite-sized chunks throughout the week with regular breaks keeps me mentally stimulated.


Are you dressing up or dressing down?

I like to dress sharply for the office, outfits that can be dressed down for the commute into work or dressed up for any events or meetings we may have scheduled in. At home, I have a lot of loungewear that has not been given the time of day - so now feels like the perfect opportunity to dress down and stay comfortable for a busy day of emails in my loungewear on the sofa!


How are you keeping occupied when you are not working?

I usually work 7 days a week, and never have time to sit and enjoy a good TV series, so in my downtime, I have been catching up on all of the TV! I have also been reading copious amounts as well as rediscovering my obsession with the Sims 2 on my laptop.

What are you reading right now?

I've just started the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman. So far, I love it.

Do you have any favourite past-times? (Music, podcasts, workouts, hobbies) 

I've been enjoying podcasts, both whilst I've been working and during my downtime. I have also been painting, drawing and cooking for my family, which I love to do.

It is important to look after ourselves now more than ever, do you have a self-care routine?

I haven't been wearing any makeup whatsoever, I have taken the opportunity to let my skin rejuvenate, and so I have been following a deep cleanse skincare routine once a week, but really revelling in washing my face every evening before bed.

What is your mood at the moment? 

Content. I am quite calm and enjoying the downtime. I have quite a hectic life outside of quarantine, and I am used to my own company.

What are you looking forward to after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted?

Seeing my friends and going for some well-needed drinks, having a dance and getting home at 4 am!

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