Destination; Sofa and WINE - As we are eager to experience blazing club lights and roaring beats that pour out catchy songs, we can agree that our sofa has been our rebound, and we have formed quite an attachment.

The notion of drinking a glass of wine on the sofa almost seems as appealing as a night out, even more so when we reflect on 4 am taxi chasing.
Here at Sarvin, our weekend destination is the sofa with a glass of wine, but in a Sarvin Style! Meaning deeply romantic hues of crimson, glimmering golds, and aureate accessories are present, yet with a twist…

We have collated together Sarvin pieces that we believe offer a blend of both comfort and sartorial elegance accompanied by the question, why not bring the party to your living room?



Defined by alluring pigmentation and silhouette, Ruby encompasses a dream-like design. Ruby is rendered from shimmery silk touch red fabric, celestial in both touch and appearance. Take our lead and pair it with slippers and a glass of wine. It truly is a match made in heaven...



The Emrata dress is a clear portrait of grace and power. Emrata's minimalist profile exhibits an epiphany of sensuality and elegance. The luxurious fluidity of the delicate black fabric accentuates natural curves.
The backless feature injects an appreciation for the female form. The soft twisted spaghetti straps, asymmetric neckline, and a tantalizing thigh-high split convey that this dress is expressive of the multifaceted woman who is seductive and powerful.





Sarvin’s remarkable Sima dress features a unity of comfort and sophistication, infused with a playful spirit. Sima demonstrates a display of love at first sight: Sima first appears as your classic LBD; however, as you move closer, the unique details appear.

Playful gold Polka dots convey a perfect balance of amenity and decadence, embellishing a rich minimalist silhouette. Sima is fabricated from stretchy fabric that seamlessly embraces natural curves and perfectly curates a timeless profile. Happiness blossoms from within, as this Sima carries an externally joyful spirit which we all need in our wardrobe no matter what is in our calendar.




Paired with...

Gucci women's slide sandal with Interlocking G

Holistic Silk blossom sleep mask

Simone Rocha faux- pearl embellished rib-knit socks


Infuse your wardrobe with Sophia’s abstract dark floral print that seamlessly carries Sarvin’s distinctive and elegant aesthetic. Sophia’s adaptability allows for a perfect dress for many occasions, the ideal companion to pumps or minimal heels to elevate the vibe from a playful daytime dress to an evening show stopper. Sophia is made from luxurious jersey fabric, allowing it to be a beautiful unity of class and comfort. Hence offering to reason why it is one of our go-to dresses for a night in….

Here at Sarvin, we turn to luxe occasion wear curated from fabric with comfort in mind - a mood that translates perfectly from the front row to the sofa.






Oh, and of course we can not forget the pants….Cobie captures a 70s disco aesthetic adaptable for both a living room party and a night out. The later not being on the table just yet gives us more reason to use the Sofa Stage. As much as we love dresses here at Sarvin, we also are strong advocates for pant power. Colbie 70s credentials bring us a Glitz and Glamour aesthetic, ensuring bursts of energy and charisma to enchant the dance floor in your living room or a nightclub.

Similar to a glass of fine wine, Sarvin Garments progressively blossom with age. We believe Sarvin pieces are timeless and perfect for a multitude of events, from a living room party to occasion balls. We can ensure there is something perfect & decorous for everyone.




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