Being able to adapt and adjust to changing times is the mark of a successful business. Whilst no one could have predicted the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had on our everyday lives, the Sarvin team have risen to the circumstances during this unprecedented time and adapted how we run our operations as we settle into this new 'normal'.

Rolling with the punches

The team initially started to work from home when it was first advised to do so by the government, before the official lockdown restrictions. We have safely followed all government guidelines and advice involving social distancing measures. So, the obvious face-to-face communication has ceased, but the team have adapted well to the current social distancing measures. Sarvin is made up of a small, close-knit team who regularly communicate via WhatsApp when we are not together. With the extra time on our hands in self-isolation and inevitable change in our body clocks, we have found that the voice notes feature on the app is useful, it means that we can keep up to speed without the pressure of making sure we are all prepared for phone calls and video calls. In order for the team to stay organised and motivated to get work done, we have been continuously utilising the digital tools that we would use on a day-to-day basis in our studio. We use Google Drive and Dropbox to store and work on projects. We use these tools as a means of communication, too; it is a great way for the team to ensure that they are all on the same page!

Staying positive and motivated

It is important for those who are working from home to stick to a routine that feels almost normal, to ensure that you stay motivated and positive during these times of uncertainty. We have taken a no-sweat approach to the new working circumstances for our team, meaning that we complete tasks in our own time, as long as completed within the appropriate time frame. This ensures that each member of the team is getting proper valuable rest, exercise and downtime in a routine that is suitable to them. For example, our Head of PR and Marketing, Leanne, is a night-owl and enjoys working late into the night and spending the day time exercising and cooking for her family who she is isolated with, two things that a 'normal' working hours would usually restrict her from doing.

Pressing pause, slowing down and reflecting.

In these current times, the team have taken the opportunity to reflect and reevaluate, take a step back and reorganise the business and how we operate, as well as catching up on those nagging little tasks that we would usually neglect. We have also taken the time to reconnect with our audience, statistics have shown that social media content consumption has risen, so we have been working on engaging and exciting content for our audience to sink their teeth into! We have recently launched our SarvinWorld Sustainability Series, a series of blog posts where the brand opens up and explores our 5 core principles on sustainability, ethics and ecology. We have also used this time to support other independent brands and businesses, the current COVID-19 crisis has hit hard for everyone, so it is important, now more than ever, to support small and local businesses. We have stayed connected with them via social media, and update each other on new content and share each other's post, building on our reach and engagement!

Saying thank you

The most important thing for the Sarvin team to keep in mind is the things we are grateful for. These are confusing and uncertain times we are in, that we hope that will go back to normal soon. During our time in our homes, the Sarvin team are appreciative of what we have - a loving support unit, a roof over our heads and the privilege of being able to continue working under the current circumstances. And, of course, a heroic National Health Service and those vital key workers who are keeping the country afloat, we thank you! Sarvin is currently running a giveaway to those working hard on the frontline amidst this crisis on our social media, you can find out more here.

Lots of love and stay safe

Sarvin x


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