Sarvin is an independent fashion brand made up of a small, close-knit team. It is vital, now more than ever, to support small businesses as they wade their way through the uncertain times we all find ourselves in. Sarvin works hard to be as transparent as possible to our audience; we want to create a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, thinkers and believers. So we are opening our front doors to you and introducing you to each member of the Sarvin Team!

We are starting with our founder and namesake, Sarvin Clark, a Persian city girl now living in rural West Yorkshire with her husband.


How are you staying motivated during the crisis?

I have so much going on with the house and life in general nowadays that I am finding it easy to stay motivated. I am thankful every day when I get up, for the people that I have in my life, for the roof on top over my head and a healthy body the rest will fall into place at the right time.



Are you dressing up or dressing down?

Dressing down as this is the only time I get to dress down, and no one can question me.

I tend to use so many of my hair care and face creams nowadays, which is making my skin glow so nicely, and I love it.


How are you keeping occupied when you are not working

Watching Netflix, talking to my family for hours, reading books or going for a nice countryside walk with my partner. 


What are you reading right now?

'You Are A Badass' by Jen Sincero


Do you have any favourite past-times? 

Walking and talking with my mom on what to cook next!


It is important to look after ourselves now more than ever, do you have a self-care routine?

I make sure I have SPF on every single morning even though I'm mostly working from home or sitting in the garden. I'm enjoying bath times more as I do not have to rush out to cook dinner! I am not following a set beauty routine, but I tend to listen to my body more nowadays and don't stress over the pandemic situation as it is out of our control, I believe we have to go with a flow and live in a moment!


What are you looking forward to after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted?

Getting back to our studio and working on our zero wastage project. This lockdown has taught us a lot, especially when it comes to fashion. We love creating designs that have a low impact on our planet, and we are confident our customers would like to wear them over and over again.

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