This week, as part of the SarvinWorld Sustainability Series, we shall focus on our first value, Made Locally. The fashion industry has a damaging impact on our planet, and so it is important to Sarvin that we help to push for a more 'slower' attitude to fashion manufacture and consumption. Sarvin believes that we should buy less and wear more whilst supporting local economies and businesses. We strongly believe modern luxury should be socially and environmentally responsible; therefore we take into consideration where our materials come from and who is making them, to ensure our customers are receiving highly ethically sustainable garments that will last them a lifetime.

Sarvin is proud to establish itself as a British brand. Born in Huddersfield and now based in Manchester; we can say with confidence that your Sarvin piece was made in ethically sound and safe working conditions. We employ a small team of dressmakers based in Manchester, who is paid fairly and ensure that the majority of Sarvin collections are made to the highest standard and highest quality.
The majority of our collections are designed and produced in the UK by our small, close-knit team, where we can see our pieces through from design to distribution from our Manchester-based studio. This lowers carbon emissions emitted from heavy shipping from overseas and long distances.

The Sarvin team work hard to research and source the best fabric suppliers and manufacturers that best align with our core values, not only in the UK but around the globe. Whilst we have worked hard to manufacture all our collections in Britain, we have had to make some compromises for our latest collection, Eco-Friendly. For this collection, we were on the hunt for the very best silk-alternatives that aligned with our values on animal welfare. This journey took us to Turkey, where we worked with a fabric supplier that produced a silk-like alternative. The technology and process in which our silk-alternative is made are not yet available in the UK.

Our ultimate goal is to have Sarvin 100% made in Britain, as we believe that local manufacture is not only good for the economy but also has a more gentle impact on our planet.



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