“10 Questions with our model Courtney Ruddick “


Q: “Lipstick or lip-gloss? "

Definitely, lipstick. I love a bold red lip! 


Q: “Cats or dogs? "

Cats. It's like my spirit animal! We both love to sleep!


Q: “Granny pants or thongs? "

Thong, easy


Q: “What's the one thing you can't live without? "

I couldn't live without my family.. there's nothing more special than your loved ones


Q: “What keeps you awake at night? "

I wish I could say it's the fear of not achieving my full potential and making change to the world but it'd be lying it's most likely to be because I'm thinking about my crush aha 


Q: “What's your favourite song to play when you are happy or sad? "

Ooo anything upbeat and quirky? from the top of my head I like hey ya Outkast, Caroline - Aminé, Dram or Bruno Mars is good too. 


Q: “What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe? "

The most special thing in my wardrobe got to be bridesmaids dressers from my mums and aunties wedding, a lot of nostalgia


Q: “How long does it take you to decide what to wear? "

  I'm like the grinch getting ready for the Christmas party haha I'm really picky so I could be all day unless there's something I love it'll take me ten minutes to put together the perfect outfit 


Q: “Who is your biggest inspiration in the modelling world? "

My favourite IT girls would be Victoria secret model Sara Sampaio I love how she makes everything looks fun and Adwoa Aboah she's amazing too I love the fact she's the founder of Gurls talk and embracing female empowerment and positivity.


Q: “Finally, what's your favourite piece of clothing from Sarvin designs? "

I love love loveeeee 'SLY' trousers one of my absolute faves they curve to your body's natural curves perfectly and you feel super sexy with them! Great for a night out! I've never seen glitter work so well with leather. My favourite dress has to be the 'CELINE' dress' is got unforgettable details so if you wanna look classy and stand out I'd completely go for that! 

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