Spotlight on British brand: Sarvin 


GB Labels interview with our designer, Sarvin:

There’s a new wave of innovative, ethical designers challenging the big brands that dominate fashion – and we’re loving it. From using locally sourced fabric to creating everything by hand, little brands are taking back control, putting equality and the environment at the heart of everything they do.
In this week’s Spotlight on British brands blog, we catch up with designer Sarvin. She’s travelled the world, created her own sustainable fashion line, and aims to inspire women with her inclusive designs.

“Creating a sustainable fashion brand is a lot more joyful (but also more challenging) than producing for a fast fashion brand. I design for women who love to dress elegantly, effortlessly and minimally, giving them the opportunity to let our garments do the talking for them.” 



August 03, 2018 — Charlotte Rowe

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