“10 Questions with our model Holly Mattar“


Q: “What is your best advice for people who want to peruse a career in modelling?"

 Have confidence ALWAYS and find an agency that is excited to work with you


Q:” Sweet or Savoury? "




Q: “ You would never leave home without… 

 Lip balm & my kindle 


Q: “Your beauty essentials include… 

 Night cream, water, concealer & lip liner!!


Q: “ The last thing you googled was… 

 Buses from Blue Mountain to Toronto


Q: “Your favourite snack is… 

Cereal at night 


Q: “If you weren’t a model what would you be? "

TV production manager


Q: “What's your favourite place on earth? "

Rhodes Old Town, Greece


Q: “What's your favourite meal? "

Lamb OR  jerk chicken shepherds pie omg


Q: “Finally, what's your favourite piece of clothing from Sarvin designs? "

White flare trousers COBIE with the black bodysuit CHLOE. To. Die. For.


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