PERSIAN 13 BEDAR - THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF NOWRUZ - Persian 13 Bedar is the Iranian festival celebrated on the thirteenth and final day of the Persian New Year celebrations, traditionally known as Persian Nowruz sizdah bedar. Where "Bedar" refers to removing something, "Sizdah Bedar" means removing thirteen, as thirteen is considered an unlucky number in Persian culture. The thirteenth day of Nowruz symbolises the start of the return to ordinary daily life for Iranian people.

Nowruz is a time to start fresh! New year, new life. Hence this is entwined with 13 Bedar as Iranian people have a chance to embrace Spring's freshness before returning to their daily lives of work and school the day after. This is why 13 Bedar is also known as 'Nature Day'.



Families celebrate by leaving their homes and spending time outdoors, as well as having picnics with friends and family. On the day of 13 Bedar, people dance, sing and prepare speciality dishes together to clear out evil thoughts as the new year approaches. Speciality dishes include Kahoo, lettuce accompanied by dips, and Sekanjebeen, an Iranian molasses of vinegar and honey.



A 13 Bedar tradition is to tie a knot of grass and make a wish for future partners. Young children believe that they will release good luck for the new year once they untie the knot. The knot is a symbol of the bond between man and woman and is also undone as a gesture to wish for something young couples would like to achieve in the new year, such as children and marriage.


13 Bedar is a day believed to be owned by the "Angel of rain". According to the Iranian calender, it is treated as a day where people ask for rain and is symbolised by a horse. Communities organise competitive games to celebrate the victory of horses.



At the end of 13 Bedar, there is a ritual to throw away the "Sabzeh" from the Haft-seen Nowruz table. The sabzeh is believed to have accumulated all the ill-fate, pain and sickness hidden within the family for the coming year. It is considered bad luck to touch someone else's sabzeh on 13 Bedar or bring someone else's sabzeh home as it invites other people's hardship and pain upon one's family.


Sarvin is a Persian influenced brand; therefore, it values the traditions of its Persian culture. Once again, we would like to wish our Persian followers a Happy Nowruz or Nowruz Mobarak! Nowruz and 13 Bedar celebrations focus on new life and hope, something we can all follow to look forward to a more positive future and concentrate on the generosity and love of those we value the most.

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