Our Founders' BIRTHDAY edition!🥳 


Interview with Sarvin's founder and her favourite birthday pieces to wear during the lockdown… 



How to celebrate your birthday in the second wave in style 


Making plans and celebrating occasions has never been harder than in 2020. So how do you make the most of your special day when plans change as quickly as the weather?  

Keeping things small and simple seems to be the key, but that doesn't mean your outfit has to follow the same rules… 


In the same predicament, this week was our founder Sarvin, whose birthday plans like many others got thrown into a tailspin with local lockdown restrictions coming into place. This did not stop Sarvin's fun though eating plenty of her favourite foods and being spoilt on her special day. So we thought we would share what Sarvin got up to! 



So Sarvin, first of all, we hope you had a great day! So what did you end up doing on your birthday this year? And most importantly, did you have fun? 


Oh, yes, I had a great chill day! I never knew I would enjoy staying in this much. To my surprise, it was actually a nice change and we binge-watched The Crown series next to the fire! 


In the evening we went out to a new Italian restaurant, The Devour at The Dyehouse in Holmfirth. The food was exceptional, and we enjoyed a bottle of Pinot Grigio wine with plenty of food and of course, cake!  



Do you have any dream birthday plans for once this is all over? 


Going away and seeing my family in Iran. I am counting the days to go back to Tehran and spent a few days with my parents and enjoy their company with no Covid stress!  

Also, I would love to book a full spa day with my mom. The older I get, the more I realize how valuable these moments are, and what makes life truly great are often the things we take the most for granted! 



What is your favourite birthday, treat? And did you have any amazing cake! 


My favourite birthday treat is CAKE. I love all sorts of cake, even fruity ones! I believe that on birthday's the universe gives you calories as a gift so you can eat as much as you like and not put on a stone for your birthday! just kidding, I WISH! But I did enjoy plenty of cake. 



What did you wear? 


I wore my brand new design, which is inspired by the Gatsby era, the fabric is made from luxurious real-silk velvet, and the edges are Persian feathers. I love how loose fitting this style is, so you have plenty of room for that second slice of cake! 



If you had to pick what would be your five favourite Sarvin birthday pieces to wear? 


For Fall season birthdays any designs with warm tones would be my go-to style. Especially with all the COVID crisis going around, we are looking into more investment pieces that you can wear several times!  


I think my favourite birthday looks would be the Shay in gold, Verdant, Jade in black, Larica and Nina dresses. All perfect colours for Fall & Winter I believe these pieces could all be styled with chic sandals for indoor birthday celebrations, a comfy trainer for a street style look, or a classic heel for date night dinners!  



What would be your dream birthday gift? 


Right now definitely going on holiday to a warm country, as much as I love living in the countryside the SUN is everything to me. Nothing makes me happier than the beach, sand, sun, and good food to be honest! 



2nd Lockdown activity recommendations? 


It is hard to find new creative ways to celebrate at the moment but some of the best ideas I have seen are home-made pizza & cocktail nights, themed dinner nights e.g. Mexican night, garden campfires with blankets & marshmallows (with some sparklers perfect for Bonfire night next week!) and Murder Mystery dinner or zoom parties. However, you can always stick to the classics like games nights, supporting your local restaurants with a dinner out, or going for a walk and sightseeing the natural beauty spots in your own local areas! 



Any advice for others in the same predicament who still want to make the most of their birthday? 


I guess just to make the most of your opportunities to celebrate the best that you can. 2020 has been a tough year, but its only temporary and there will be plenty more years of dream birthday celebrations in the future, so enjoy the smaller & more intimate celebrations this year while you can! 


Well, it sounds like Sarvin made the most of the special day despite the 2020 doom and gloom.  


We hope everyone with upcoming birthdays makes the most of their special day and in the meantime, there is still plenty of fun to be had, tasty foods to eat, and amazing dresses to wear, try to enjoy the joys of bundling up and staying in this Autumn- and if all else fails just think of the crazy celebrations next year!  


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