Normalise Outfit Repeating - 'How can I wear my dress for different occasions without people noticing?' and 'Is this dress worth the price tag if I only wear it once?' These are the questions we ask ourselves a lot. Understandably, if you're spending your hard-earned cash on something with such a big price tag, you want to get your use out of it. This is why we promote buying quality pieces that will get you through decades and suit your unique style rather than buying into trend demands that disappear after a few months. 

Break the stigma of saving your luxurious garments for a special event or fancy night out, and start thinking about how you can add them into your everyday wardrobe and create your own capsule collection.

For example, take Larica dress.

At first glance, you could mistake this dress for an evening dress only due to its eccentric print and feminine silhouette. However, we want you to get creative with your wardrobe and utilise the accessories and clothes you already have. 

Larcia Persian print maxi dress

Our Customer has been innovative and styled her Larcia dress with some casual Loafers in a bold yellow and green, showing that you don't need to colour coordinate your accessories and handbags. 

Wearing your gym trainers in the daytime with Larcia whilst on your commute to work or a walk around the town with friends is the perfect way to incorporate your deluxe dress into everyday wear. 

If you fancy a more chic and contemporary look, here is an example of what you could style our Amber dress; adding some bold colourful earring and chunky knit. Such a simple way to get your value for money when you shop with Sarvin by making a few alterations to your style. 

Our founder Sarvin herself has styled our Nina dress with a wool jacket for a more cosy date day look.

sarvin amber dress

This generation is all about photographing our outfits and grabbing a quick snap of our daily lives. For some, this has progressed into exciting and dynamic careers in influencing and blogging. However, whilst we love and support fashion influencers, we want to remind you that you don't need to have excessive amounts of clothes to show the world your #OOTD. This generation's perception of overload fashion is barbaric and unhealthy for our planet and our state of mind. 

We want to change the way you view your clothes and how you utilise them. Spending needless amounts of money on new outfits isn't something we'd promote at Sarvin. Instead, we encourage investing your cash on a statement, timeless piece that has been manufactured in a natural, honest environment and not mass-produced by underpaid labourers. 


When did having a favourite outfit go out of fashion?


Outfit repeating is a simple way of expressing that you love the clothes you've bought. We all have a favourite dress or top that we feel our best self in, so why not wear it more than once a month? The typical UK resident will only wear a dress once every 1-2 months because they're ashamed of being seen in the same item of clothing. We don't get shamed for wearing the same nightwear on repeat, so why are our clothes any different?

 The team at Sarvin have put together some simple tips and tricks to enable you to switch up your outfit without feeling any social shame!

1) Style with different accessories

2) Change your hairstyle and Make-up

3) Combine with other pieces

4) Show off your styling tips

5) Be bold and creative

sarvin nina dress

 Utilising these simple tricks can prolong the longevity of your dress without you even realising it! This way, you can fully maximise your clothes and create whole new outfits by making minor tweaks. 

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