A Pop of Colour. Exploring and playing with colour within your wardrobe can be daunting and overwhelming if you're used to a monochrome or colour neutral palette. The secret is to choose your pop of colours strategically to mix and match your outfits and accessories, making every look slightly different by adding some colour.

Don't feel like you need to overhaul your wardrobe with bright colours and patterns; if you're new to wearing colour with statement pieces, we'd suggest starting by adding a colourful pair of earrings or a bag or scarf to ease you into the process. Once you get comfortable adding colour to your closet, you can begin throwing in loud and busy pieces to elevate the clothes you already have sitting in your dresser!
Or, if you aren't connecting with prints and patterns, you could always start with a block colour as your base. For example, if the dress in question is Black, and you want to add some a-la-mode to your outfit, take a colour that compliments your skin tone and inject this into your accessories.

A simple red bag and matching lipstick is such a simple way of doing this. And this makes it versatile in any situation; choosing block colours with statement pieces means you will never run out of contemporary and adaptable looks.
We have asked some of the team members at Sarvin HQ to see how each person would style this beautiful royal blue burnout maxi dress of Sarvin. We hope our customers and followers can gain some style inspiration, and also, you will see how each member is introducing their unique style through the power of colour.
First, we have our Head of Digital Marketing, Abi.
Abi has opted for a summertime look, pairing the dress with classic white strappy stilettos and a coordinating white mini bag. Perfect for those warm summer evenings or a girls night out in Manchester. 
sarvin maxi dress with split leg
Next up is our Content Creator and Blogger, Chloe.
Going for a more casual daytime look, Chloe would style her burn out maxi-dress with a chunky lemon yellow belt, a matching shoulder bag and hoop earrings finished with a white platform trainer. Adept for those days where comfort is critical, but you still want to incorporate your statement dress.
sarvin burn out maxi dress with split leg
The next team member is our PR Manager Heather.
Heather has gone for a timeless look, opting for a gold barely-there heel pairing with a gold cage bag. She is creating a beautiful, sophisticated evening look that would be red carpet ready—finishing off with some delicate gold jewellery to compliment the dress and chosen accessories.
sarvin luxury maxi dress with split leg
Next up, our Assistant Design Intern, Katie.
Katie has gone for a bold and playful look. She is styling her maxi dress with a pointed neon pink stiletto, a neon handbag with pearl detailing, and some unique polymer clay pink earrings. Adding the neon touches to the outfit transforms it completely from Heathers red carpet ready to Oscar after-parties.
sarvin luxury maxi dress with split leg
And finally, the founder of Sarvin herself.
Sarvin has formulated what we'd call 'A night in Paris.' Styling her maxi dress with a pair of off-white knee-high boots featuring a pointy toe. Sarvin would partner with a white across the body bag with potentially some white-gold jewellery to run alongside the white boot, polishing the look off ever so subtly and emerging a fabulous 'Night in Paris' attire. If you dare to exhaust the couture further, add a leather beret for a more elaborate visage.
sarvin maxi dress with split leg
Adding a pop of colour to your everyday staples isn't as scary as people think, and you can create some beautiful looks by doing so. We at sarvin want you to get as much wear from your luxury items as possible, so don't be afraid to experiment with colour. If you want to learn more about utilising your outfits, go and check out our previous blog post on 'Outfit Repeating.'
We hope you enjoyed reading our latest blog!


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