Our latest collection is made from recycled cotton linters which is a waste product from the textile industry. The process used to produce the fibre is a 'closed-loop' which means the chemicals used can be extracted after and reused.

We are proud to consider Sarvin as the first few independent luxury labels in the UK which have produced garments out of these sustainable materials.

The fabric is known for its silk-like properties being incredibly soft, and its temperature adaptable.

Our partnered fabric company is the first V-Labelled textile producer in the world, and the European Vegetarian Union certifies their yarns to be corresponded with the guidelines of the European Vegetarian Label and categorised in the Vegan V-Label.

We have taken this collection to the next level by launching our first ever exclusive print designs which are hand-drawn paintings from a famous Persian artist Ali Fani Salek printed over these eco-friendly materials. Thus, the fabric used in this collection has a lower environmental impact than conventional fabrics, and it drapes heavenly over the body.