Here at Sarvin, we have been working hard to use 2020 as an opportunity to develop and improve our brand. Launching new premium Sarvin products using the finest materials available and now introducing our new Sarvin sub-brand Sarvin ESSENTIALS.


Sarvin ESSENTIALS are the classic Sarvin pieces that you already loved and cherished for the past few years. We have been creating these pieces by using mainly British made materials and proudly designing and making them at our headquarters in Manchester - United Kingdom.


At Sarvin, our mission is to create sustainable designs within the ethical environment by supporting Made in Britain manufacturers and companies. During first lockdown and several brand meeting, we have decided to launch Sarvin ESSENTIAL and introduce you to more new pieces available at an accessible price point, creating the possibility for every woman to enjoy a piece of Sarvin on a special occasion.


Meanwhile, our core Sarvin brand is expanding its horizons further into the premium luxury market. Keep your eyes peeled for real silk, real feathers, and show-stopping new collection pieces that as ever meet our core values of sustainable design, ethical production, transparency, and zero waste.


The ESSENTIAL brand continuing to focus its growth and innovation in different areas of the business. Further developing your favourite classic Sarvin styles and pieces, Sarvin ESSENTIALS will continue developing Zero Waste products with our young graduate designers. 


We will be working on a new transparency initiative, so you can see what goes on at Sarvin HQ, with behind the scenes looks into the daily routines and working conditions for our interns, founder, and UK based seamstresses.


And the exciting 2021 launch of our New NUDES collection. Taking your favourite Sarvin ESSENTIALS dresses and creating them in the New NUDE for every Sarvin customer. Available in a range of skin tone shades, we are redefining ‘nude’ to include all shades, all customers, and all of your styling needs. Sarvin’s ESSENTIAL New NUDES collection further improving our mission of diversity and inclusivity at Sarvin.


Whether you are grabbing your handmade Sarvin ESSENTIALS or a premium show stopper dress from us, there is something for every and any customer, and we can’t wait to show you what else we have in store!