Winter Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration


How to look sophisticated yet cosy for a winter wedding


Celebrate the New Year in true style by celebrating love and happiness at a beautiful winter wedding. With 2020 putting so many summer wedding plans on hold, 2021 promises to bring many more winter weddings than usual, creating a whole new host of outfit dilemmas.


We have put together a winter wedding guide to help you through this new busier wedding season, with advice on which Sarvin pieces would be most appropriate and how to style your winter wedding numbers.


Step 1- Find the Dress 


For a winter wedding, you want to create a formal yet relaxed outfit. We recommend wrap dresses, long-sleeved dresses, and dresses with added details such as lace and embroidery; these details adding hints of decadence to any winter look. For the colour of your outfit, wear anything but white! Keep it classy in all black and rich jewel tones, or add a splash of colour to the day with a brighter piece or print.





Step 2- Find the Coat


Make sure you are warm, you don’t want to brides something blue to be you! 


This one is even more important than usual for winter weddings. As COVID restrictions continue to vary across the nation, most wedding guests will have to stay outside if they want to see their loved ones tie the knot on their wedding day. To still enjoy yourself, make sure that you are comfortable regardless of the changing weather by finding a beautiful statement coat or jacket.



Step 3- Accessorise 


The final step in completing any look, the accessories can make or break an outfit. We recommend still going for high heels as they will elevate any glamourous wedding look. 


However, remember to think about the wedding setting and avoid stiletto heels if you will have to walk on the grass. Winter weddings may also mean white weddings in this weather heeled boots are a good option for any damp or cold snowy days.



As always, everything goes for a wedding, so complete your final look with your favourite cute bag, some gorgeous jewels, and even a hat or fascinator in true wedding style!



We look forward to this winter wedding season and can’t wait to see Sarvin women wearing some of our pieces out to celebrate again! For further styling tips, sizing advice, or even custom piece fittings, contact us through any of our social media channels or at where our team will be ready to assist!


Thank you again for all your support through 2020! We can’t wait to see what else 2021 has in store!



January 06, 2021 — Press Sarvin

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