Our latest collection was a result of months of researching and travelling; back and forth to Turkey, before developing a relationship with a company which makes our vegan fabrics. Following that, we had to find the right manufacturer who shares the same philosophy as Sarvin and was close to our fabric supplier.

Here is a short background about our fabric supplier:

Our manufacturer produces recycled polyester fabrics. They collect plastic bottles and use it as the source material for yarns to eventually produce very special silky polyester fabrics certified by Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

The company is the first V-Labeled fabric producer in the world, and the European Vegetarian Union certifies their yarns to be corresponded with the guidelines of the European Vegetarian Label and categorised in the Vegan V-Label.

We are proud to consider Sarvin as the first few luxury labels in the UK which have produced garments out of these sustainable materials. We strongly believe modern luxury should be socially and environmentally responsible, and we are doing our best to spread this message and encourage people to buy quality products over quantity. We will address here a few most frequent questions we get asked about our sustainable garments.

Are they all equally made and do they look vintage and shabby?

Certainly, that is not a case. They look and feel just like silk the only difference between these fabrics is how they have been made!
All the garments in this collection are cruelty-free, and the quality of the fabrics speaks by itself.

How are Sarvin print collection made out of eco-friendly fabrics?

This is accomplished by the state of the looms art, that is located in our manufacturer premises. The knits and yarns are made out of selected recycled materials, and they are various abilities responsible for preparing the fabrics for print.

The designs are applied in conventional techniques by the rotary printer of flat-bed (film-druck) printer with very fine screens that are also prepared in our manufacturer house.

Our digital print collection has no limitation in colour and has a high definition. The finishing department gives our fabrics the final beautiful touch and drape without sacrificing from the standard requirement. Tumbling, continuous weight reduction and sanforising are just a few means of accomplishing the unique sensation of our fabrics.

Where is this collection made and under what condition?

We have a small team of two ladies in the Manchester who make primarily 75% of all our designs and a small group currently in the Istanbul to produce our new eco-friendly collection as the fabrics are originally from Turkey. All our garments are made under the fair-trade condition and we are doing our best to deliver a high standard of ethical conduct.

We work closely with everyone involved in our journey and we keep our supply chain local to the fibre origin to minimise transportation through the production process.

At Sarvin we aim to increase the message behind sustainability in the form of luxury womenswear that by using eco-friendly material, we are more likely to save the planet and encouraging slow fashion rather than the fast fashion route.

To find out more about our vegan-friendly collection click here

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