Attending the Royal Ascot is a quintessentially British occasion, celebrated for its thrilling horse races and high sartorial standards. This prestigious event is where style and sophistication meet on the racetrack, creating an atmosphere of elegance and tradition. If you’re planning to attend, understanding the dress code is crucial. In this blog, we’ll dive into the do’s and don’ts of Royal Ascot fashion and everything you need to know to ensure your attire is appropriate and stylish. Get ready to embrace the sophistication and charm of the Royal Ascot with our comprehensive guide!


Understanding the Dress Code


The Royal Ascot has several enclosures, each with specific dress code requirements. The Royal Enclosure, known for its stringent guidelines, sets the highest standard, while the Queen Anne Enclosure, Village Enclosure, and Windsor Enclosure offer progressively more relaxed dress codes. Sticking to these guidelines isn't just about following the rules—it’s about respecting the event’s traditions and fully immersing yourself in the chic and sophisticated experience of the Royal Ascot.


Dress Code Do’s and Don’ts




Select the Right Footwear: The Ascot Racecourse is a glamorous yet grassy affair. Your footwear must be practical yet stylish. Wedges or block heels are ideal, providing both practicality and glamour. Ensure your shoes are comfortable, as you’ll be standing and strutting your stuff for most of the day.


Suitable Headwear: Headwear is a must at Royal Ascot! Hats and fascinators play a significant role in the dress code. These decorative pieces come in various sizes and designs, allowing you to jazz up your outfit while complying with the guidelines. Remember, certain headpiece enclosures have specific size and diameter requirements, so always check the relevant policies before selecting.


Appropriate Length Skirt/Dress: Whether you opt for a classic design with elegant patterns or a bright summer dress, remember to keep it chic yet classy! The skirt should fall just above the knee or longer to ensure a modest look.




Impractical Footwear: Avoid uncomfortable footwear, including ill-fitting shoes or extremely high heels. This mistake can turn a day of fun into a day of pain.


Inappropriate Headwear: Casual headwear such as baseball caps, beanies, and novelty hats are too casual for such an event. Additionally, avoid overly large or ostentatious headpieces that might obstruct the view of other attendees, ensuring your headwear is stylish and respectful of the event’s traditions.

Avoid Revealing or Casual Attire: Royal Ascot is an elegant affair, so avoid plunging necklines, bare midriffs, excessively short hemlines, and casual clothing. Such attire is inappropriate for this sophisticated event and may prevent you from gaining entry to specific enclosures.


Things to Consider


Comfort is Key: It is essential to look and feel good. Uncomfortable and restrictive outfits can ruin your day, so consider outfit options that allow you to move freely and enjoy your day.


Prepare for the Weather: The British weather is unpredictable. Check the forecast beforehand and prepare accordingly! A light coat or umbrella may save the day.

Dress to Impress: Although it is important to dress for yourself, this is a classic event. Think sophistication and style when choosing a look.


Colour Palette: Sticking to a cohesive colour palette can create a polished and harmonious look. This allows you to choose accessories that complement the colour scheme selected.

Race Day Trends


Vibrant Prints: Bold and eye-catching prints will make you stand out. Floral, geometric, or abstract designs add a playful yet sophisticated touch to a race-day outfit.


Sustainability: Due to increasing awareness about environmental issues, sustainability is a key trend throughout the fashion industry. Race attendees are likelier to opt for ethically sourced materials, showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility.


Bold Statement Colours: Bold colours such as red or black create a statement at the races. These striking looks convey confidence and style.


By following these guidelines and incorporating the latest trends, you’ll be perfectly dressed for Ascot Ladies Day 2024, ready to enjoy the elegance and excitement of this iconic event.


All Black’- Outfit 1



Black batwing dress
black lace pouch bag
Threader earrings gold


GUCCI Lady horsebit-detailed leather sandals
Nina Ricci wool fedora

The Black Lea Dress is the quintessential choice for a timeless Race Day look. Featuring a plunging neckline and a fitted skirt, this dress is designed to flatter any body shape, offering a sleek and elegant silhouette. Crafted from a luxurious silk-touch jersey, it provides a body-contouring fit and exceptional comfort, ensuring you can enjoy the day easily.


To elevate this sophisticated ensemble, I've paired the dress with elegant black heels that add a touch of refinement. A chic black hat enhances the classic Race Day aesthetic, while the Farah black lace pouch bag adds a sophisticated and stylish touch, perfect for carrying your essentials.


To complete the look, I've incorporated Gold-Threaded Circle Earrings, which add a subtle yet eye-catching sparkle. These carefully chosen accessories harmonize beautifully, adding the perfect finishing touches to this elegant and polished outfit, making it ideal for creating a stylish statement on Race Day.


‘Pattern perfection’-Outfit 2

Long sleeve maxi dress

Velvet pouch bag

Rachel Trevor Mogan brim fascinator


Amina Muaddi crystal pumps

For the second look, I’ve chosen the Larica Maxi Dress, adorned with a distinctive and bold pattern that will turn heads! This stunning piece is crafted from sumptuous silk, providing a lightweight and luxurious feel against the skin while its design ensures a flattering, figure-hugging fit.


To enhance the striking pattern of the dress, I've paired it with elegant black accessories, including a sophisticated hat, a chic bag, and stylish heels. The dark tones create a beautiful contrast, allowing the vibrant pattern of the dress to stand out truly.


Additionally, I’ve accessorized with the Gold Thread Through Flower Earring, that subtly complements the warm tones woven into the dress's fabric. This carefully selected piece adds a touch of elegance and refinement, pulling the entire look together seamlessly. This ensemble is perfect for making a bold yet elegant statement, ensuring you leave a lasting impression. 


'Bold and Bright'- Outfit 3

Mustard wrap dress


Maison Michel summer hatRoger Vivier metal buckle pumps

Valentino Garavani top handle bagLong earrings gold 

The Amber Wrap Dress in a vibrant mustard hue is an ideal choice for the final look, particularly on a sunny day. This dress boasts a tie waist that beautifully accentuates a feminine and elegant silhouette. Made from lightweight and non-restrictive fabric, it allows you to move freely and comfortably, ensuring you can enjoy the day to the fullest.


Given the dress's bold and eye-catching colour, I have opted for more understated accessories to maintain a balanced ensemble. The heels add a touch of modern sophistication without detracting from the dress's striking presence. A beige bag and coordinating hat give the outfit a refined and cohesive feel.


To add a touch of delicate elegance, I have included the Flower Gold Thread Through Earrings, which provide the correct detail to complete this look. This ensemble epitomises effortless chic, perfect for making a statement while exuding grace and style.


‘Fabulous in floral’- Outfit 4


Floral bodycon mini dress

Nina Ricci wool fedora

Versace crop wool blazerChristian Louboutin Sandal heelsSaint Laurent uptown pouch


drop earrings gold

For this Race Day ensemble, I've chosen the stunning Sophia Mini Dress. Its exquisite floral pattern exudes summertime elegance and sophistication. This knee-length dress, with its body-con fit, flatters the figure beautifully, ensuring a chic and stylish silhouette. The unique floral print is a true statement piece, guaranteed to turn heads and make a lasting impression.

To complement the dress, I have paired it with a sleek, cropped black blazer. This addition not only adds a layer of sophistication but also serves a practical purpose, providing warmth and comfort in the face of unpredictable weather.

Accessorizing this look, I've selected the Clover Drop Earrings in Gold, that echo the floral motif of the dress.

To complete the look, I've chosen a classic black hat and coordinating black wedges. The hat adds a dash of timeless charm, while the wedges provide both style and comfort, harmonizing perfectly with the cropped blazer. This carefully curated ensemble is a perfect blend of sophistication, practicality, and effortless style, ideal for a memorable Race Day.


'White Queen, hen party look'- Outfit 5

Long sleeve backless dress

Bottega Veneta mini knotted leather toteFerragamo leather pumps

Maison Michel summer hat white


Experience the thrill and glamour of a race day hen do, where you can dress to impress, relish lively entertainment, and create unforgettable memories with your closest friends. Here's your ultimate guide to the perfect hen do look.

This final look highlights the breath-taking Morena ivory sleeved backless dress, a stunning choice for a day at the races. Crafted from second-skin-like lace fabric, this dress promises comfort and ease throughout a long day, while its backless design and knee-length cut ensure a flawless fit that beautifully accentuates the figure.

To complement the dress, I have chosen a selection of white accessories that enhance its elegance and classic appeal. White wedge heels provide both style and comfort, while a white hat adds a touch of timeless sophistication. A small white bag completes the ensemble, offering practicality without compromising on style.

To add a touch of understated glamour, I've included the Circle Gold Threader Earrings, which serves as the perfect finishing detail to this outfit. This carefully curated look exudes grace and refinement, making it an impeccable choice for a memorable day at the races.



Attending the Royal Ascot is a chance to enjoy one of the most glamorous and historic events in the social calendar. By following these guidelines and tips, you can ensure your outfit is appropriate and stylish. Dress confidently, embrace the event's elegance, and enjoy the unique blend of tradition and excitement that the Royal Ascot offers. We hope this guide helps you prepare for an unforgettable experience at the Royal Ascot 2024!

June 12, 2024 — Grace Irwin

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