Taurus Fashion Tips 

The Taurus energy shines brighter than ever in the summer. Taurus is a sign that emanates high levels of enduring femininity, an enveloping, rich dress style of indulgence and luxury. They emanate a steady gracefulness like no other Venus placement.


Have you ever wondered if your Zodiac sign and fashion sense share something in common? Well, it certainly does. If you're a Taurus who's interested in outfits that are more in tune with your nature, you've found the right place. A Taurus is always on the cutting edge of fashion and enjoys making a statement with their everyday attire.

Taurus will heavily impact your style if this zodiac sign has prominent placements in your birth chart.

Check your natal chart and look for these key Taurus placements that reveal: 
  • Sun in Taurus (the true you)

  • Taurus Rising/Taurus Ascendant/Taurus in 1st House (your image, brand, first impression)

  • Venus in Taurus (beauty and aesthetic style)

  • Taurus in 2nd House (your shopping style)


Here's how to emulate the Taurus fashion style and align your look with the stars!


Taurus is the earth sign with the widest variety of clothing, colours, and styles among the three earth signs in Western astrology. You can dress in earth tones or spring-inspired pastels, pinks, and greens. Taurus clothes can be conventional and grounded or creative and romantic.

Taurus should appear more intentional and structured. Taurus is renowned for its capacity to order disarray. Due to their diligence and concentration, they slow things down to a practical level and achieve excellence. 

You can experiment with pretty hues, florals, earthy textures, citrus patterns, and ruffles since Taurus is the fixed sign of spring. You can dress up as a moonstruck forest fairy, a gardener wearing various adorable dungarees and gloves, or a well-dressed professional.


Taurus zodiac sign

The second zodiac sign, Taurus, is represented by a bull. It is a fixed earth sign that Venus, the planet of love and wealth, rules.

If you were born between April 20 and May 20, you have a practical, analytical, and contemplative nature. Others may view you as unmotivated and uninterested.

Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, and accountable 

Likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, wearing luxurious clothes

Taurus style : 

  • Authentic, functional, and not contrived

  • Drawn to quality and texture

  • Loves quality, timeless pieces

  • Good taste rules

Taurus Colour palette and meanings 

Your ruling planet, Mars, gives your Taurus sign an earthy affection, which makes the hue green ideal for your energy.

The colour green can help you grow in various aspects of your life. Green is a colour often linked to development and growth. Since green is the hue of vegetation, it feeds your Taurus spirit and gives your bull the strength it needs to flourish.

Additionally, the hue green is associated with riches and money. Venus gives you a love of money and earthly possessions, which green lets you embrace.

Wear green clothing or surround yourself with green items to radiate immense Taurus energy. You'll get the push you need for a special meeting or a love date with the help of your Taurus lucky colour.

Accessorise with emerald jewellery, cufflinks, or a tie clasp for good fortune in business.

You might want to include some pink and white in your colour scheme since the best colour pairings are groups of three.

Doing this also allows you to open your green chakra.


Colours you should avoid 

Yellow is a vibrant colour that is also impulsive and unpredictable. It can make you angry or frustrated, which isn't in line with your calm demeanour. Being surrounded by yellow may cause you to lose focus on essential issues.

Red is an aggressive, intolerable energy inappropriate for your misunderstood star sign. You have strong opinions; the last thing you need is more imposing energy.



Taurus can play with a variety of patterns. Patterns with floral or botanical elements work well with Taurus. Consider forests, fruits, flowers, and leaves.


The bull symbol also represents a v-shape. Look for clothing mimicking "v" patterns, such as birds flying away in the distance or v-neck shirts and dresses. Show off your neck as Taurus rules the throat and neck.



Taurus women's love of luxury and comfort are two characteristics related to the significance of appropriate textiles. Consequently, this reduces their fabric selection to luxurious, soft textiles.



The Taurus woman values simplicity. As a result, the silhouettes she wears are effortless. Please refrain from believing it's boring, as the clothing choice will remain clean-cut but edgy. Accentuate (with jewels, for example) before donning something outrageously daring.


Roya Maxi Slip Dress

ROYA can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with a leather jacket and boots -which appeals to Taurus' practical and functional side. Through its slinky, silky green satin fabric, it satisfies a Taurus' love for the latest and appreciation of quality fabrics. A maxi slip dress features a backless design and twisted straps. It is undeniably a show-stopper look at your next special event with twisted adjustable straps and an asymmetric neckline. Emerald green, along with other earthy tones, is a favourite of the Taurus woman too!



Jade green maxi dress

A Taurus must always look expensive; this sign is most known for its good relationship with money. Jade cut-out side dress made from a luxurious Italian green metallic fabric in a maxi style. The Jade cut-out dress elegantly skims the body with a thigh-high slit. Also available in a sultry shimmery Black fabric. 



Verdant Wrap Dress

Midi dresses are ever so classy, just like the Taurus women who are modest and elegant at the same time. The Verdant dress is crafted for a Taureen; features an earthy green lustrous eco-friendly jacquard fabric. The silhouette emphasises the kneck through a v-shape neckline, relaxed boho-chic feel and luxuriously feminine. This wrap maxi dress feels so reminiscent of the '70s. 



Joanna Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are flattering if you pick the right fit, but a statement one is even better for a Taurus woman. It exudes both class and confidence. Jumpsuits are easy to wear, mainly because they are one-piece. You don't need to worry too much about how to style them since they are automatically dressy. 

A Taurus girl likes to be functional and comfortable, so JOANNA is a perfect match. This gorgeous halter neckline jumpsuit is backless and floor-skimming wide-leg cut. The dark, vintage floral pattern will bring out your dark feminine allure. Celebrating the female form through the clinched waist and tie-back detailing.



Sophia Body con dress


Classic neutrals and earthy browns suits the refined Taurus style. SOPHIA is your must-have piece, exemplified by a beautiful ultra-feminine dark floral pattern on jersey fabric and body-con silhouette. Since the Taurus Season falls heading into the warmer months, Sophia is your perfect transitional staple dress. 


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