We should all be conscious consumers!

What is conscious consumerism?
Consumers who deliberately make purchasing decisions that they believe have a positive social, economic and environmental impact.
These consumers shop with sustainability in mind!

The Sarvin team has looked over this and found some simple actions to be more fashion-conscious:

- Observe the company's values and ethics.
Our blog section is dedicated to showing you both our beautiful designs and our commitment to protecting the environment.

- Support business's that align with your values and utilise their position to help others.
In 2020, Sarvin invited young designers to collaborate. We used this event to upcycle our leftover fabric, just one of the steps we have taken to reducing waste.

- Research the materials used in your clothing.
We always use eco-friendly fabrics where we can. Our eco-friendly silk-like material gives the same luxurious feel like real silk however is a more environmentally friendly substitute.

- Embrace slow fashion. We covered this concept in our previous blog posts! Taking part in the slow fashion movement begins with building your capsule wardrobe alongside shopping for quality over quantity.

- Ensure brands are transparent about their supply chain. This often gets overlooked within high-street brands sustainability pledges. Consciously purchasing also refers to supporting the fair treatment of workers and, in some cases, animals. Certifications such as Fairtrade are great ways of indicating the brand's consideration of its supply chain.

Ensure you understand your purchasing decision's processes, materials, and ethics. Through doing this, we all have the power to leave a positive impact on the world.

Today the rate of human consumption is simply unsustainable. We must all become conscious consumers to preserve the planet for future generations.


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