The Valentine Edit - This Valentine's Day we believe Dress up to Dine in is the new attitude we should adopt. This February the 14th is without saying a Valentine's Day with a twist. We may have to alter our plans to a table for two and dine-in or a Galentines day Zoom call party with your girlfriends. In the light of the notion, Staying in is new going out, dressing up for the occasions does not have to be compromised in the slightest. 
We present our Valentines Collaboration, drawing together remarkable pieces from nine brands to collate dreamy outfit ideas. Whatever your Valentine's plans may be, we can ensure these featured pieces will enchant and dazzle even through Zoom cameras. 

Below are beautiful pieces Sarvin is dreaming about this Valentine's day. I think we have a slight crush…..

  1. SARVIN - Ruby Dress
  2. CAROLINA WONG - Wavy Earrings
  3. IRENA CHMURA - Uva di Perle Ear Cuff
  4. IRENA CHMURA - Ocean Blossom Ring
  5. WONTHER - Boomerang Ring
  6. IRENA CHMURA - Split Ring
  7. GANOR DOMINIC LONDON - Art Pumps Apollo Gold
  8. WONTHER - Link Necklace
  9. WONTHER - Family Big Necklace
  10. MAGPIE ROSE - Black Onyx Teardrop Earrings
  11. MAGPIE ROSE - Rocks in the Sky White Earrings
  12. CAROLINA WONG - Wavy80 
  13. IRENA CHMURA - Elfin Diamond and Emerald Chain Earring
  1. SARVIN - Shay Dress
  2. GANOR DOMINIC LONDON - Bucket List Print Silk Scarf
  3. GANOR DOMINIC LONDON - Art Mules Charlie Contour Beige
  4. MAGPIE ROSE - Rocks in the Sky Pink Earrings
  5. LARISSA MORAES JEWELRY- Van Gogh’s Roses Ring
  6. HASANOVA -.Summer Basket Bag

  2. LARISSA MORAES JEWELRY - Van Gogh’s Rosebush Necklace

  3. HASANOVA - Gold Queen Earrings

  4. ANGELY MARTINEZ JEWELRY - Rosebuds Midi Ring

  5. ANGELY MARTINEZ JEWELRY - Baroque Pearl Ear Cuff

  6. HASANOVA - Venus Bag

  7. GANOR DOMINIC LONDON - Art Pumps Apollo Marble 

  1. SARVIN ESSENTIALS - Morena Dress

  2. LILY FLO JEWELLERY - Sereia Ruby Drop Earrings

  3. LILY FLO JEWELLERY - 14K Solid Gold Serendipity Circles Necklace

  4. LILY FLO JEWELLERY - Solid Gold Granulated Hoops With Baroque Pearl

  5. HASANOVA - Treasure Box Bag

  6. GANOR DOMINIC LONDON - Art Pumps Apollo Burgundy 


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