Make Sarvin Appointment To Visit Our Showroom in Manchester. Whether you're looking for your engagement dress, hen party, bridesmaid dresses or just want to browse, we're here to serve you!

At Sarvin, we offer many exclusive designs that you and your bridesmaid can wear on your special occasion.

We offer a special discount if you purchase more than 3 items from the same design. 

Appointments are free, and you can bring up to 6 people with you.

Contact us now to make your appointment with our designer Sarvin and tell us which Sarvin designs you have in mind. 

We might even be able to help you with the colour, measurements and altering the length of the dresses as we are a proudly made-in-Britain brand, and we can do this in the house.  

Contact us HERE.

January 18, 2023 — Sarvin Clark
Tags: wedding

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