A Persian Love Story

How we infuse our Persian Heritage into Classic British Design

Our founder, Sarvin Clark, is a Persian girl who grew up in a family where fashion was one of the most discussed topics in the house. She always dreamed about having her own company and creating an exclusive collection that will enhance sophistication with a play of textures, patterns and details.

Our founder Sarvin Clark wearing a headscarf pictured in a Persian restaurant about to enjoy authentic Persian food.

 Sarvin was born out of the dedication of our founder's cultural roots, combined with her love of classically British design. This is the story of how we imbue each of our Sarvin designs with a Persian twist that stays true to our heritage and brand values. 


Sarvin Clark is a Persian designer who lives in the United Kingdom and has travelled and lived in other European and Middle Eastern countries before settling in Huddersfield with her husband. When asked about what inspires her designs, Sarvin says that loves to mix the different cultures from both worlds resulting in classic British design infused with a rich Persian heritage that is not seen elsewhere in the fashion world. 

 Traditional Persian art and deco that inspires our collections and designs.

"I design garments that have an element of Eastern culture with a twist of classic western aesthetics. Persian culture is incredibly rich - the colours and patterns, architecture, textiles... all inspire my designs" - Sarvin Clark

 With every single one of our collections, we aim to bridge aspects of different cultures together and demonstrate the versatility not just within our garments but in how we represent ourselves as a brand. We are a global brand, not just defined by the products we produce, but who we are as people and individuals.


Sarvin pictured in a archway ornately decorated with traditional Persian art.

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