How to live a more Eco-Friendly Lifestyle? As part of the Sarvin Sustainable Series, we are looking at living a more eco-friendly lifestyle; being eco-friendly means that you have little to no damaging impact on the environment. We at Sarvin are trying our best to cause no harm to the earth right from our designs through to the construction process.

Why we at Sarvin want to encourage a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

Sarvin is a Persian inspired UK based slow-fashion brand, and we are trying to encourage people to be more conscious in their shopping habits and lifestyle. As a result, 45% of British shoppers are now pro-actively buying more eco-friendly, sustainable products when shopping, keeping the impact of fast fashion and impulse buying on the planet in mind. We here at Sarvin are persistently doing our best to make the small changes within our company to ensure minimal impact on environmental damage when you shop with us. The fashion and apparel industry produces 2.1 billions tons of C02 emissions each year; without fast and urgent action, this figure could quadruple in the next ten years. That's why Sarvin is doing our part to try and reduce the harmful impact, and we hope that our followers and customers are inspired to do the same. 

What does Sarvin do to support sustainable living?

Many brands often get exploited for their poor working conditions towards their garment constructionists, often massively underpaying staff and over-contributing pollution. We regularly reinforce working with locals; the Majority of Sarvin products is made here in Manchester, Great Britain. We have a tight-knit team with a combined experience level of over 25 years. Our pattern cutters and garment constructionists are committed to producing the highest quality garments. The founder of Sarvin's exquisite and adept design ideas and features is at the construction process's heart. 

We are continuously increasing our standards, sourcing most of our fabrics here in the UK; Sarvin is devoted to supporting local communities and artisans. The majority of materials are sourced locally from Cities here in Britain. The fabrics we source overseas are usually exclusive notable printed fabrics that are not available in England. We're frequently searching for new and compelling local fabric sources to add to our collection here at Sarvin. 

We have more information about how Sarvin supports sustainable living in our previous blog posts. If this is something, you're interested in knowing more out head over to our website. 

How do we encourage our followers to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle?

Recycling is a massive factor of being eco-friendly which is something Sarvin pro-actively promotes. We would recommend adding small changes to your lifestyle that will have a positive long term effect on the planet. These changes are as simple as recycling all your plastics and cardboards, using a canvas or reusable bag instead of plastic carrier bags, and trying your best to avoid any waste, whether in your diet, lifestyle, or wardrobe. 

If you visit our Instagram and Youtube, you will see we frequently upload inspiring content on how to style our Sarvin dresses. Lots of our dresses are versatile and adaptable to many different styles. Therefore our customers can wear their dresses in more than one way and continuously switch up their look, this way the buyer doesn't have to shop fast-fashion.

Another idea we'd encourage our customers to follow if, after getting use out of your dress, you do feel like throwing it out; we'd recommend instead of contributing to the continuous growth of landfill, donate your clothing to a family member or friend. Everything made at Sarvin is such luxury high quality it will last and be durable for a long time.  

So, what is Sarvin doing to be more eco-friendly?

With 10,000 items of clothing going into landfill every 5 minutes, we here at Sarvin are committed to being as transparent as possible when it comes to our waste; that's why we are continuously researching new ideas to be zero waste. In previous projects, we have worked with young independent designers who use our scrap fabrics to create unique and timeless accessories such as neck scarfs, handbags and headbands. Not only does this help to publicise young designers and keep our creativity flowing, but we are entirely zero waste with some fabrics. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we have not collaborated closely with such talented individuals. However, we are keeping an open mind and cannot wait to coproduce again. 

What does Sarvin do to sustain slow fashion?

Here at Sarvin, we only launch two collections a year: a winter and a spring collection. We do this to be exclusive and don't over-design; every piece goes into test to ensure comfort and details are on point. At Sarvin, we design luxury, durable and timeless pieces that you can wear all year round and will last you a lifetime. In addition, all our items are made in small quantities; this makes each item more exclusive and means we don't have mass amounts of stock unless there is a demand for it. 

We at Sarvin believe in quality over quantity; in our opinion, less is more when designing and producing such high-quality pieces. You can find out more information about why we are pro slow fashion on our about us section if you visit our website. 

In prospect of this blog, we hope you have been energised to go slow-fashion and make some minor changes to your lifestyle that make a significant difference in saving our planet. 

Furthermore, if you are interested in finding out a little bit more about The Founder of Sarvin herself, you will also find this information on our website 

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