Find calm amongst the change - From Monday 17th May, we have been granted access to indoor drinking and dining. Finally, after months of lockdown, restrictions are begging to ease, and life is returning to normal! However, amongst all the celebrations of this much-needed freedom, some may find the constant changes slightly overwhelming. We at Sarvin have compiled some advice to help you feel at ease if all is feeling like a bit too much now.

Go into the lockdown easing slowly

Take time to adjust to the new lockdown easing; take it day by day. Maybe let it out for a week until you fully decide you want to mix with a large group of people again. The primary principle of this is to go at your own pace and not be rushed by others. Doing so will ensure you feel the most comfortable with new situations.

Remember to breath

This is possibly the most crucial point – breathing. Sometimes we forget how to breathe steadily and end up panicking. Practice some breathing techniques such as yoga and meditation, inhale, and exhale. Breathing is the most human thing we can do, thus the most genuinely human thing you can do amongst all the lockdown craziness.

Check out this video: 5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere 


Everybody knows that exercise releases endorphins critical for mental happiness; take advantage of this. It is maybe hard at first; however, once you have gotten into an exercise routine, you will have the full endorphin effect. If you prefer the outdoors, take a walk, or run amongst nature. Walking with a friend is a lovely idea to help share your feelings about the lockdown easings. Alternatively, working out at home will give you alone time and work on your own fitness goals.

We recommend this video!: Low Impact FULL BODY HIIT Workout (No Equipment + No Jumping) 

Reconnect with friends and family

If you are not ready for mixing with strangers, relax with close friends and family first. The rule of 30 outdoors means you can have a small garden party with family and friends to boost your mood in time for going public. Have a few drinks or some afternoon tea to help you settle down and re-enter mixing with others.

Take time out to relax by yourself

Grab that book you’ve wanted to read and a cup of tea. Settle down in the comfort of your own home, investing in small activities you’ve meant to do. Make sure you are ready by spending time by yourself in peace. Going into the new lockdown easings all of a sudden maybe too much otherwise. 

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