Join us behind the scenes of our latest fashion photoshoot and see how we turn our ideas into stunning visuals. Get a glimpse of the magic!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create those stunning photos you see in magazines and advertisements? A professional photoshoot involves much more than just pointing a camera and clicking a button. From setting up the lighting to directing the models, many steps are involved in creating the perfect shot. See how we bring our ideas to life and create stunning visuals that capture the essence of our brand!

Our dedicated team carried out our latest photoshoot. Focused on contemporary summer-ready stylings, the outfits ranged from relaxed and flowy to elegant and composed – and everything in between. We intended to take great pictures to tell the story of the Brand.

 The versatility of our individual well-designed, sustainable pieces is genuinely astounding; highlighted by our trusted team – we thank our stunning models Katie and Ellie, photographer Mike, videographer Paul, makeup artist Hayleigh, hair stylist Jason and our Sarvin team; Bethan, Emma,, Katie and founder & Name sake Sarvin. Cheers to another successful campaign!


Preparing for the shoot: scouting locations, selecting models, and planning the concept.

Conceptualising the shoot and creating a mood board.

Mood board for 2023 photoshoot launch

The first step in our creative process is conceptualising the shoot and creating a mood board. We gather inspiration from various sources such as fashion magazines, social media, and art exhibits. We then compile all our ideas onto a mood board, which serves as a visual guide for the shoot. This helps us ensure that all shoot elements, from the location to the wardrobe, are cohesive and aligned with our vision.


Choosing the right location and scouting for the perfect backdrop.

Once we have our mood board and concept in place, the next step is to choose the right location for the shoot. We look for places that fit the aesthetic we are going for, whether it's an urban cityscape or a natural outdoor setting. We also scout for the perfect backdrop within the location, such as a colourful mural or a unique architectural feature. This helps to add depth and interest to the final images.

The PhotoCove Manchester: a big, bright space that allows the models plenty of movement and lets the clothing do the talking, perfect for allowing our artistic vision to come to life.


Selecting the right models and styling them to fit the theme.

Choosing suitable models is crucial to bringing our vision to life. We look for models that fit the aesthetic we are going for, whether it's a specific look or body type. Once we have our models, we work with our stylists to create the perfect outfits and accessories to fit the theme. This includes everything from clothing and shoes to jewellery and hair and makeup. We want every detail to be perfect and cohesive with the overall concept.


Conceptualising the shoot.

Before any photos can be taken, the concept for the shoot must be developed. This involves brainstorming ideas, selecting a theme or mood, and determining the overall look and feel of the images. The photographer will work closely with the creative team, including the stylist, hair and makeup artists, and models, to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the vision for the shoot is cohesive. This stage is crucial in setting the tone for the entire shoot and ensuring that the final product meets the expectations of the client and the audience.

Direction for the photographer: images heavy on natural light, subtle, nude with a contemporary touch.
Direction for the videographer: Simple, elegant 8-10 second video of each product ( preferably full-length dress, details and movement ).


Cameras, Action!

8:45 am- Setting up lighting and equipment for the perfect shot ; 

setting up lighting and equipment

  • Lighting and equipment are essential components of any successful photoshoot. We work closely with our photographers to ensure the lighting is just right for each shot. This includes adjusting the brightness, colour temperature, and direction of the lights to create the desired effect. We also use various equipment, such as tripods, reflectors, and diffusers, to capture the perfect shot. Setting up the perfect shot takes a lot of time and effort, but the result is always worth it.

9:30 am- Model prep & clothing check ;

Getting models and clothes ready

  • Direction from Sarvin; Start with straight hair & add curls or maybe up-do later in the day. Freckly glowy nude "barely there" makeup.

11 am-6 pm ;

Images in stages

  • Various poses, quick shots - short time to shoot 50-60 products. 

  • Bethan Styling a model


Touch up and tailoring

Katie and Sarvin touch ups

  • Our girls providing styling, tailoring and touch ups.Various un-edited images from shoot

  • Both models moved so gracefully and provided interaction and engagement to deliver the perfect shot. 

  • Plenty of coffee and snacks to keep up those energy levels. The day is always busy and fun, with a great music soundtrack to create an upbeat atmosphere.


Editing and post-processing to bring the vision to life.

After the photoshoot is complete, the real work begins. Our editors and graphic designers work tirelessly to bring the vision to life. This includes selecting the best shots, adjusting the colours and contrast, and removing imperfections. We also add special effects and filters to enhance the overall look and feel of the images. The final result is a stunning image collection showcasing our fashion line in the best possible light.

Sequin dresses Nova

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak-peak behind the scenes and are as excited for our new products to be launched as we are!

Bethan, Sarvin, Katie and Emma x

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