Locally Made Sustainable slow fashion

Sarvin creates sustainable clothing by promoting locally-made, ethically-produced garments. We prioritize reducing the fashion industry's impact on the environment by encouraging people to wear clothes more often and buy less. 


Based In Manchester

Our Manchester-based team designs and manufactures most of our collections in-house, guaranteeing premium quality and reducing carbon emissions from long-distance shipping. Our Manchester dressmakers team is well-compensated and dedicated to creating our finest quality collections. 



We ensure safe working conditions, fair compensation, ethical sourcing, and animal welfare standards. We upcycle scrap fabrics and use sustainable materials, achieving Global Recycle Standard and Vegan V-Label certifications. As a British brand, we aim to manufacture Sarvin entirely in the UK to support the local economy and the environment. 



08 juillet, 2023 — Sarvin Clark

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