Our first ever ECO friendly collection is coming soon!

July 01, 2018

Our first ever ECO friendly collection is coming soon!

Here is a behind the scene, sneak peek of what we have been working on. Our first ever Vegan collection is coming soon....


We have been working day and night to put our dream collection together. Sign-up if you wish to be notified once the collection is live on our website, CLICK HERE.

Why Vegan?

Our designer Sarvin visited an Istanbul textile company and instantly fell in love with one of the well know vegan fabrics & decided to launch her new collection using these beautiful materials.


What else?

We have collaborated with an amazing Persian artist and will be launching our first ever exclusive print collection. Which we have made into our famous feminine silhouettes, synonymous with Sarvin’s signature designs.


What's the fabric like?

At Sarvin we love the touch and feel of luxurious fabrics, as we believe the right choice of fabric can give life to the final garment!
Our Vegan fabric is soft with a unique fluid and sensual tactility that makes the final garment extraordinary unique and elegant.

What will the collection look like?

The collection is going to be a combination of beautiful neck scarfs and vibrant classic Sarvin signature dresses, which are certain to make you stand out from any crowd.

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